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UNFOLDED Festival 2019

The international meeting of the design and communication industry begins its second edition on the Gmund Campus.

Gmund UNFOLDED Festival 2019

UNFOLDED 2019 - Infos & Tickets:

The second UNFOLDED Festival takes place on October 23 and 24, 2019. “Consumer Centric” will be the focus this year. Guests can look forward to top-class keynote speakers and over 50 exhibitors from around the world. Experience pure inspiration at an unconventional setting where the product is made – in Gmund Paper’s production halls! Further information and tickets online at:

The UNFOLDED Festival 2019 is dedicated to “Consumer Centric,” i.e. the customer at the center of all corporate decisions. For Gmund Paper, this principle is not only the next marketing trend, but has long been firmly rooted in the self-image of the company, where it is lived and practiced on a daily basis. Top-class keynote speakers will highlight the complex and multifaceted topic of “Consumer Centric” from diverse perspectives. Professionals in the fields of strategy, product, customer relations and communication will share their knowledge and experience, thus providing valuable impetus for a lively discussion. Here’s a little foretaste to whet your appetite: 

This comprehensive package makes the UNFOLDED Festival 2019 a must-attend get-together for creative people, designers, marketers and paper enthusiasts from all over the world. The densely packed program with exhibition, lectures and panel discussion not only offers you with expert knowledge, new ideas and inspiration, but also provides a perfect atmosphere for relaxed networking n the midst of the paper production facility. 

Facts & Figures:

  • 1 key topic: “Consumer Centric,” i.e. the customer is the goal and starting point of everything we do 
  • 2 days of exhibits in the production halls at the paper mill 
  • 6 hours of lectures and discussions 
  • Renowned speakers from the fields of strategy, product, customer relations and communication
  • Over 50 international exhibitors presenting the analogue communication of the present day
  • 400 printed objects from the Gmund Award in the exhibition
  • €25 per day: “stroll” ticket for the exhibition (11 a.m. – 4 p.m., Oct. 23 / 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Oct. 24)
  • €190 Ticket to exhibition & show / keynotes (10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Oct. 24)


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